Monday, January 26, 2009

Is this any way to ease money worries?

Here is my confession. After starting my blog, I set it aside to finish writing my newest book, GRACE ON THE GO: Powerful Prayers to Ease Money Worries which is being published by Morehouse Press (an Imprint of Church Publishing) in April, 2009.

Anyone reading this who is a writer by profession knows that there comes a time when deadlines decide your life. In order to meet my publisher's deadline, I stopped doing anything other than work on my book manuscript.
And I finished on time!

Here are the chapter headings:
It Isn't Fair!
Do I Need It or Do I Want It?
A Matter of Life and Debt
"I feel ashamed!"
He Spends, She Saves, She Saves, He Spends
Choosing Simple Abundance
Glory Be for the Gift of Giving
Happiness? Pricesless!
Trouble Spots

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