Thursday, April 15, 2010

Death and Taxes? How about Prayer and Taxes?

If "April is the cruelest month" as the poet said, then April 15 can seem like the cruelest day. It's the day we pony up and pay our taxes. I had a throwback moment myself--a moment of acknowledging some tough financial truths that made me gulp a bit... but I'm not going to fall into old habits of scarcity thinking.

Instead, I'm going to give thanks for all I have that can't be counted in good health, my family, my friends.
I'm going to consider all those things I tend to take for granted--roads and bridges and schools and programs that help the sick and poor--all those things that my taxes pay for.

And I'll remember this prayer to a benevolent Creator:
Extravagant God! Who scatters the stars like seed pearls across the night sky
You do not hold back form the universe.  I have faith you won't hold back from me.