Thursday, June 11, 2009

Face the truth about your debt

Kali, a divorced single mom, was so afraid to look at her bills that she tossed them, unopened, into her closet. Somehow she fooled herself into thinking that if she didn’t see them, they would go away.
For a long time, Liz couldn’t bring herself to check her credit rating.
Isabella had not acknowledged the full extent of her credit card debt until she began a series of credit counseling meetings at her church.
Facing up to everything we owe can be difficult. Keeping secrets—whether from ourselves or from others---takes a steep emotional toll. There is something freeing about facing the truth. See if this prayer helps you.
The Naming Prayer
I am naming it.
My debt.
I owe $ (fill in the blank)
It’s a heavy weight.I feel as if it could crush me.
But like Jesus bidding Peter to walk across the water,
You are bidding me to walk out in faith.
If I get discouraged and cry, “Lord save me!”
Please reach out your hand as you did to Peter.
I am willing but weak,
Yet I know with your help,
I can lift this weight from my life.